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Newsletter -- April/May/June 2004

Greetings Yoga Students and Aspirants: HARI OM!

Spring has definitely arrived and with it the revised schedule of my Yoga offerings until Summer comes:

MONDAYS: The last Hauppauge Adult Ed class for the Spring Session ends MAY 3.
On Monday, May 10, at 7 PM starts RESTORATIVE YOGA classes in my home studio in Islandia. This is a special easy Yoga class for students who are recovering from surgery, or who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or just have the blahs. It is a BEGINNER class and we will focus on breathing, easy stretches, and share some of our personal history, and end with relaxation and meditation.
NOTE: There are four (4) spaces currently available. If you are interested in joining this class, call me -- 631-348-7199. Fee: $50. for 4 classes

THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 7 PM - Beginner / Open class. There are some spaces available. Call and list.

FRIDAYS AT 6 PM -- Intermediate/Advanced. If you would like to join this class, but 6 PM is too early for you to make it - let me know and we will see if we can change the time.

SATURDAYS AT 10:30 AM -- Beginner/Open class.

NOTE: PRIVATE CLASSES arranged by appointment.
YOGA IN YOUR HOME - one-on-one, or small group - call for rate.
CORPORATE YOGA - If your firm has a Wellness Department, tell them about me and my experience. I have been the Yoga Teacher for the New York DAILY NEWS, COMPUTER ASSOCIATES and other companies.
Currently I am the Yoga Teacher for NYMEX, New York Mercantile Exchange.

OXFORD HEALTH PLAN lists me as a Participating Provider of Yoga Instruction. I give Oxford clients their first class Free. Pass this information onto anyone you know who is covered by Oxford Health Plan.


Join a small group of meditators and learn how to meditate - discuss the value of the practice -- learn of other people's experience, and why increasing numbers of doctors are urging their patients to incorporate the practice in their lives to improve their health.

YOGA DAY -- SATURDAY - MAY 29TH - 10 AM to 3:00 PM

If you are not Jetting off to some exotic place for Memorial Day weekend, consider joining a small group for a Yoga Intensive - a day of concentrated Yoga where we will have a regular Yoga class - with emphasis on deepening your practice. We will learn how certain breathing techniques lower blood pressure.
Weather permitting, we can enjoy the Japanese Meditation Garden for our Meditation and home-cooked vegetarian luncheon outdoors. Call & reserve your space. $50.

Wishing you good health, good times, good friends,
Grace (Durga)