I trust this newsletter finds you in good health and eager to take-on the challenges and opportunities of 2018!

I want to share with you something that happened to me on Christmas Eve Day while I was shopping at STOP & SHOP in the Islandia shopping center. I had filled my shopping cart with my purchases, and was waiting on line to check out. When the clerk spoke the total and I was about to use my credit card for the $51 & change, she said "it was taken care of." Bewildered, I asked "How come?" She motioned to the person in back of me. I turned, and it was a Hispanic man who said to me "Merry Christmas!" with a big smile! I was nonplussed! Whether it was my white hair, or my cane, or just plain good old Christmas spirit, I'll never know!

Driving home I remembered this happened last Christmas season at STOP & SHOP: I was about to pay and a Hispanic man had covered the cost of my shopping, saying "Merry Christmas!"


Invite your friends and family members to join you. First introductory class is FREE. Newcomers call 631-234-4747 to confirm.

FULL MOON MEDITATION -- Interesting stuff happening in the heavens!

I use the Sierra Club Wall Calendar to plan our Full Moon Meditations. January has TWO full moons! January 1 a Monday and January 31 a Wednesday with a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE! February has NO full moons! March has TWO: Monday March 1 and Saturday March 31, which is the FIRST DAY OF PASSOVER.

So, here's the compromise, weather permitting, all 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm:

It's Free. Healthy snacks. What we don't consume, you take home!

Om Shanti,
Grace Durga