Namaste Dear Yoga Students:

I want to thank all the students who attended the Hauppauge Adult Ed Monday night classes -- you were a wonderful group, and made great progress in your breathing, postures and relaxation. I have received a few calls from students who want to continue their practice in my home studio. I would like to hear from others who would also be interested - if we have at least 5 or 6 students, we can schedule Monday night classes at either 6 or 7 pm, and pick up where we left off. Many of you have told me how much you have benefited by your Yoga practice.


Please make a note of the first day - Monday - 29 September 03 - 6 PM for Beginners - 7:30 PM for Intermediates. Those students who live outside of the Hauppauge School District will not be mailed a Fall schedule of classes, so you have to mark your calendar now, and call Adult Ed Office a few days before, to register: 631-761-8319 - speak to Yvonne.

*****SPECIAL NEWS*****

I am pleased to announce that I will be featured as the Yoga Teacher conducting early morning Yoga classes at the National Conference of the National Organization for Women, to be held in Arlington, Virginia. 600 to 800 women (and men) are expected to attend the Conference, July 11 to 13. Therefore, my Friday and Saturday classes in Islandia that weekend will be cancelled - July 11 and 12th.

Mary Christine - Featured Yoga Student

Mary has been studying with me for over a year. She had started her Yoga practice in a Smithtown studio with Pamela Thamm, who has moved out of the area. Mary has given me permission to share photos of her in various postures:
  • Salutation to the Sun - Second position
  • Salutation to the Sun - Third position
  • Salutation to the Sun - Fourth position
  • Salutation to the Sun - Crumple position
  • Salutation to the Sun - Cobra
  • Salutation to the Sun - Inverted "V"
  • Plough position
  • Shoulder Stand - Eagle position
  • Half Wheel
  • Full Wheel
  • Until my next Newsletter, I wish you good times, good friends and good health!
    Grace (Durga)