Woman, Art & Sakti
Provy Munafo'

Title: Toward the Dream
acrylic on wood (100 x 60 cm)

The Seasons of the Soul

Ms. Munafo' seems to unveil her painting through a Freudian research. The logos of Ms. Provy, however profoundly personal, finds a vital destination and ends in being transformed into a figuration that attends the symbolic, the metaphysical. The painter manifests an urgency to unfold her creation. Her pictorial stroke becomes free through an incisive force that is nothing but an act of release. The period passed in what I love to define "the fictional island," (her studio) has been a determinant factor in the evolution of the pictorial language of Ms. Munafo'. The "Landscapes," an iconic diary of a world submersed and hidden, sodden with melancholy, started a new dimension, something that even today is at the base of making art from particular cultural prowess, from singular figures like the personal chromatic tones, deep and intense, the predominance of the tension in projecting and paging over laxity. The omnipresent architectonic structure, silent and austere, that seems to guard a naos, all developed with a style intended as a severe control of the form, although free from sediments of the now transcended academy.

The works of Ms. Munafo' are typified by a scenografic style whose themes have their genesis in a Thale's dimension so that, in their coming to be, they set aside the anguish of times past and experience the joy of living, almost a re-birth. The color becomes interpreter of purity, the coagulum translucent, the execution of drawings incisive, geometry, anatomy, biology and fantasy alternate, blend, merge. The chromatic typology is a confession: a morality of existential quality, a refusal of enetomic complaisance complete a first reading of the works of this original painter.

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